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Some few days ago, I got a review by a client claiming that her hair fell off after she took out her cornrows, and according to her she was told by the dermatologist she visited that the fall off was due to the hair products I used while braiding her hair, so I thought this will be a perfect opportunity to educate all my amazing clients on how not to miss the great benefits of protective styles when properly managed.

So what is protective style? Protective style is any form of hair braiding styles which involves the tucking and hiding away of the ends of your hair, thereby reducing or minimizing manipulation. So naturally, protective styles are meant to help your hair and not damage your hair.

But when you have a situation where you experienced hair loss or fall out? Then you are not doing something right. Mind you everyone's hair is expected to shed in a normal hair cycle, but not like the picture above.

Now this bring me to the question, how can I enjoy the benefits of protective style?

Firstly its important to take care of whatever protective style you have on, please read my previous blogs on how to care for your braid.

Secondly never leave your braids on for more than 2 Month, and this suggestion is for any style that includes the addition of hair extensions. For styles with just your natural hair, 3 to 4 weeks is the maximum time you should go and reason being this is just your natural hair, the probability of it getting matted is very high.

Thirdly as with any protective style, a can of oil sheen is very important, you need it for the buildup, please in all you do, do not omit this step, again read my previous blog on how to care for your braid, I explained extensively its importance.

Fourthly I want to talk about TAKE DOWN. This aspect is VERY IMPORTANT, because it is the make or mar aspect of your protective style. Please do not be in a rush to take down your protective style, The amount of hair you lose is determined during this process. If you can, let a professional do it for you. Please read my previous blog on proper braid take down (very important you do)

In conclusion, please take good care of your protective style so you can enjoy all its benefits.


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