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Proper braid take down.

By now I believe we all know the importance of protective styles and how proper care can help protect against hair loss, it is also important to stress the importance of proper take down.

When take down is done the right way hair loss and damage will be avoided but once it's not done rightly the possibility of hair loss is great.

Like I said in my last blog on how to care for your braids, never leave your braids for too long, two months is the longest any braid should be won, and please note, I know I did not state this clearly in my last blog, cornrow braids should never be left for that long especially cornrow braids with no extensions added, leaving it for too long will cause hair to tangle or mat up.

Also stated in my last blog is the importance of the use of oil Sheen spray. This helps to prevent buildup from clogging up and also the easy breakdown of build up, so always remember to spray your braids especially around the edges.

Now let's get into this, never take down your braids in a hurry, to take down your braids I will advice you get the help of a professional who will do a proper take down. But if you must take down by yourself please follow this simple instructions so as to avoid damage to your hair.

A simple spray bottle filled with water is all you need for a proper take down. So many people have asked to know if I added something else to the water but every single time I have to explain to them that I didn't. I made that statement to explain that you do not need anything else added to the water. Water alone will do the trick.

Spray the water on the braids especially on the roots where you have the build up,

massage with your fingers and then proceed to take down. After take down repeat the process of spraying and massaging the root especially the spot where you have the build up. Once the buildup is broken down gently use your tail comb to disintegrate.

Once you're done taking down, please make sure you detangle and comb out your hair properly before washing.

Watch out for my next blog on how to deep condition your hair.

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